Saturday, 29 November 2014

Survival Project

I am creating a new Survival game based on gathering resources, crafting items, developing levels and features that have not been decided. It is under heavily development at the moment with minimal features but decided I would update this blog with download links for people who enjoy playing development builds. Enjoy

Showed at the start of the game.
; = Toggle Fullscreen Mode (Beware! It will be very pixelated if it is not a PC Version)

Download Links
Dev Build 0.05 (PC Version)
Dev Build 0.04 (Please view the Cheat Book for Guidance)
Dev Build 0.03
Dev Build 0.02

Cheat Book (Dev Build 0.05)
Cheat Book (Dev Build 0.04)
Cheat Book (Dev Build 0.03) 

ChangeLog and Bugs

"Why is the window so small?
The game is currently being built in an iOS Resolution as I plan to port this game for Windows and iOS once it is completed. Testing will only be available for Windows.

"Why wont anything show up in the Crafting Toolbar?"
Make sure an item is selected in your inventory to build from. Also some objects require an Anvil. Please check the Cheat Book for further guidance. 

"I am getting Thirsty!! what can I drink?"
Craft with Coconuts!

"Is this how the final game will look visually?"
Heck no! The world has not been built yet and is purely a test area.

"Why can I not progress past Level 5?"
More levels are still currently being built in as I am focusing on more important aspects of the game, However levels can go beyond 5 using Cheats.

"Why is there large blocks of resources at the bottom of the map?"
Because it is fun to do this..

"Can I donate to support this project?"
Donations are accepted and appreciated at :-)

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